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Our Approach

Blue Finn Studio showcases carefully selected beautiful handmade items. This is a one person show, my home studio is the creative base station, all the handmade jewelry is created with love and care. Please feel free to email me for any details on items in the shop. Every handmade item is made proudly in the USA.

I believe in handmade and the careful process that goes into creating each piece. I will take any item back if you find it doesn’t please you!  I make, account, package and ship each piece specifically for you!

Our Story

Our Story

Blue Finn originates from Finland. In my late twenties an opportunity presented itself to come to New York and study design at Pratt Institute. I ended up staying in the New York area and worked in various companies as a web designer. My interest in design lead me to begin to create jewelry.

Many of the designs are inspired by nature, water scenes on the Atlantic, my exploration trips on lakes and the ocean. Some items may have a feel that originates from my home country of Finland, growing up  in a rural area near several lakes and rivers.

Discovering materials that you can create with is a fascinating journey. You are never finished, there is always a new technique that you can try, or new material to explore. Handmade is an endless discovery and it gives you great satisfaction, quite different than the computer design pursuits. Every piece is different and unique in its own way, even if it's based on same basic design or technique. For example, the natural patina never grows the same! Your piece is always unique.

MERMAID TAIL patina earrings
mixed metal cuff

Meet the Team

Blue Finn is a one person show, with team inspiration and encouragement.

team ocean and water



Inspiration is essential for continuing creative progress of studio.

blue finn

Mari Hanby


A blue Finn who does the handcrafting.

team inspiration



A team member that keeps the studio moving forward.

Next Steps...

Are you a hobbyist jewelry maker? I have started making tutorials and videos to encourage others. Check out my Youtube Channel or the BLOG at Basketofblue.com.